Recycling Resources

Ways and Places to Recycle

People Recycling bottles

Get involved and utilize those online and local Vancouver recycling resources that help you to recycle. 

Where to Get A Family Recycling Toolkit


Local info on obtaining tools to help with recycling plus details about your collection schedule or service. How to report a missed service or request a pickup.

How and Where to Dispose of Large Appliances


Have alot of waste to dispose of or large appliances. Find out where you can dispose of items like mattresess, drywall etc. as well. More great info on finding recycling resources in Vancouver.

How to Handle roadside Dumping

garbage truck

Seeing roadside garbage is still too prevalent. Here is some info on how to get the City to remove the garbage.

Where to take Big Quantities of Compost and Household Hazardous waste


Here are the details on what to do with large volumes of compost. In addition details on where you can drop off household hazardous waste.

There are Over 1700 locations Where you Can recycle Batteries


Today recycling your batteries is convenient. As easy as dropping them of at a local retailer.